'George Robertson wins Vanderbilt Cup 1908'
George Robertson was the first American driver to win a top road race in an American car. Here he poses with his Locomobile after winning the Vanderbilt Cup at 64 mph. Good original sepia photo (110x165mm) (Spooner & Wells Inc) some bumps and paper clip crease to middle top, otherwise good for age.
'Andre Boillot's great victory'
Andre Boillot, younger brother of the more famous George, had one great success: winning the 1919 Targa Florio in a 1914 2.5 litre GP Peugeot. Here, he poses with his mechanic in the winning car. Original Meurisse sepia photo (115x165mm) with some light fading and rubbing to the right hand side, crease top left.
'Albert Guyot - Designer-Driver'
This photo, dated 20th July 1924 shows Albert Guyot probably sitting in a Rolland-Pilain which he had driven in the French GP in the previous year. In 1924, he turned manufacturer with the sleeve valve engined Guyot Special which ran in a few GPs without success. A fine Meurisse image (115x160mm), some bumps and crease bottom left otherwise in good condition with original inscription verso,
'Juan Manuel Fangio - Maestro GP Driver'
Five times World Champion - J M Fangio photographed by Robert Trappe in 1957 when he won his last title with a Maserati. This sensitive portrait measures 220x160mm and is in excellent condition.
'Surprise visit to Crystal Palace 17th July 1937'
German Mercedes team manager Alfred Neubauer makes a surprise appearance at the London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace in 1937 to watch Bira win and set a new course record. History does not relate the reason for this visit. A nice relaxed portrait study (110x155mm) in good condition.
Rene Carriere - 'French Grand Prix 4th July 1937'
Rene Carriere in his Ecurie Bleu Delahaye 135 waits anxiously for the start of the French Grand Prix at Montlhery on 4th July 1937. He was to finish a creditable 4th behind the Talbots of Chiron, Comotti and Divo. An original photograph (110x135mm) in good condition.
Louis Chiron (1900 - ) - 'French ace sweeps the board'
1st July 1934: Louis Chiron poses in his Tipo B Alfa Romeo prior to winning the 1934 French Grand Prix. The expected opposition of the Mercedes and Auto Union faded when all retired and Alfa Romeo had a 1-2 victory. This fine 'Motor' study is in good condition and measures 150x200mm.
'Practising for the '500''
Goldie Gardiner examines the tail of a supercharged MG Midget during practice for the 1934 Brooklands 500 Mile Race. Gardiner drove an MG K3 in the race with Dr Benjafield and finished 3rd overall. A Sport & General photo dated 18.9.34 a week before the race. Typed caption verso (140x190mm) good condition.
'Light Cars at Brooklands'
JCC High Speed Trial at Brooklands 24th June 1933. A.C.Kelway in his MG leads H.Peaty in his Frazer Nash. Fine original Sport & General photograph with typed caption verso, 140x190mm, pinholes outside image otherwise good condition.
'John Cobb tries the reverse gear'
Brooklands c.1935. Thompson and Taylor fitted a reverse gear to the Napier Railton to comply with speed record regulations. It took the form of an electrically driven wheel that ran against the rear tyre. The rare Barratts photo is from the Bill Boddy Collection and measures 140x195mm. Some scuffing to the surface and pinholes in corners and a small area of damage above the steering wheel, embossed photographer's stamp bottom right, otherwise in good condition.
'Silver Bullet displayed to the press'
7th March 1930. Kaye Don poses in the newly completed Silver Bullet prior to an attempt on the World Land Speed Record at Daytona in Florida. The Louis Coatalen designed car powered by two 2,000hp was not successful and on 31st March Don only managed an average speed of 183mph when the record stood at over 230mph. 140x185mm some scuffs and small creases otherwise good condition. (International News Photo)
'Thunderbolt meets the press'
The George Eyston record car, Thunderbolt, prior to being shipped to the USA 13th September 1937. Very sharp original Barratt Press Agency photograph in fine condition (120x200mm).
'Bluebird at Pendine'
Malcolm Campbell in Bluebird recaptures the World Land Speed Record at Pendine Sands in July 1925. A rare original Topical Press Agency photograph (150x205mm) some damp staining and bumps top left, otherwise good condition.
'Riley Sprite at Prescott'
Although not inscribed, I have identified this excellent Guy Griffiths photograph as 11th May 1947. It features Mrs K Hague racing her Riley Sprite in her familiar blue ski cap before crash helmets were made compulsary. The photograph measures 165x215mm and is in good condition.
'Riley Brooklands at Prescott'
VSCC Prescott meeting 2nd August 1948. This is probably G S Weber in his 1929 Riley BRooklands that was 3rd in the 1100cc Sports Class. A fine action Guy Griffiths photograph measuring 190x230mm and in good condition
'Sheila Darbishire at Prescott '
Sheila Darbishire driving her supercharged ERA-engined ex-Maclure Riley had set a new ladies record at Prescott on 11th May 1947 in 51.92 seconds. At the 15th June event, when this was taken, she further reduced this to 51.18 but being a club meeting it was not recognised as an official record. This fine photograpgh by Guy Griffiths is in good conditionand measures 165x215mm
'Quicksilver at speed'
Raymond Mays in his Speed Model Hillman 'Quicksilver' at a road sprint in 1921. This nice original early Temple Press photo is in good condition and measures 160x215mm.
'Symondson at Prescott'
Ronnie Symondson in his Corsica-bodied T57S Bugatti rounds Orchard corner at Prescott 22.5.1955. Rivers Fletcher and his friend Norman Wisdom look on from the members enclosure. A sharp Murray Hardy photograph (150x205mm), some creases top and bottom left otherwise in good condition.
'GN 'Spider' at Prescott '
Basil Davenport approaches the esses at Prescott in his GN Special 'Spider II' 20.7.1947, which sported an HRG front axle and brakes. An original photograph by Guy Griffiths with later copyright stamp verso. It measures 165x215mm, has a small age stain beneath the front wheel otherwise good condition.
'Fast Special at Luton Hoo Speed Trials'
Tony Rolt driving the Alfa-Aitken rounds the barrel on Sir Harold Wernher's estate at Luton Hoo during the VSCC speed trials on 9th October 1949. Appears to be an original photograph but no photograher's stamp verso. It measures 155x205mm and is in good condition.
'Caeser Special at Prescott 6th May 1956'
'Doc' Tony Taylor rounds Pardon bend at Prescott during the 1956 Bugatti Owners Club meeting. This fine action study by photographer Charles Dunn measures 160x215mm and is in good condition.
'Alfa-Romeo at Prescott 1948'
Ken Hutchison in his ex-Ashby P3 Alfa-Romeo rounds Pardon bend at Prescott Hill Climb 18.7.1948. This fine action shot by P G Neaverson measures 165x215mm and is in good condition.
'Moss in his Maserati c.1954/5'
This original photograph of Stirling Moss at the wheel of his 250F Maserati probably at the Redex Trophy, Snetterton in 1955. It was personally signed by Sir Stirling in February 2013 some 60 years after the event! It measures 165x215mm and is in good condition.
'Crossing the finish - Brighton Speed Trials, 3rd September 1949'
Nancy Mitchell driving her 1.5 litre HRG crosses the line at the end of the kilometre sprint. The marshall standing on the course and the driver wearing only a flying helmet reflect the safety standards of the time. A good original Guy Griffiths photograph (175x220mm).
'View from the cockpit - Brighton Speed Trials: 6th September 1952'
J Smith about to leave the line in his vintage 22/90 Alfa Romeo. A fine original Guy Griffiths photograph (145x220mm) in good condition although slightly dark. This was the first year that crash helmets were compulsory.
'Lorraine coachbuilders photograph'
Crouzier Bros of Moulins built this saloon body on the 10hp Lorraine chassis c.1925. A good quality coachbuilders photo 110x165mm in good condition.
'Heavy metal at the TT'
Tourist Trophy at Ards on 2nd September 1933. A C Lace in a 4.5 litre Invicta takes the Dundonald hairpin while the mechanic looks anxiously at the rear tyre. It was however an engine bearing failure that caused their retirement on lap 20. A fine Sport and General photo (135x190mm) in good condition.
'Fi-Fi at Madresfield 27th June 1948'
Kent Karslake's famous 1912 Bebe Peugeot at the VSCC Rally at Madresfield in 1948. Karslake took the car on a tour in France which was written up in Motor Sport - it still exists today. A charming Guy Griffiths photograph measuring 160x205mm.